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Welcome to Blissfully Gl-Airy Free! It is my passion to find holistic and natural management in everyday living for whole healthiness, and to share it with you!

I have been inspired about the holistic health field through my exploration and practice of a variety of natural and organic modalities in search of whole healthiness in my recovery from prescription drug addiction. My diligent exploration and enthusiasm in this field has provided me with stimulating information about holistic, natural living, healing with essential oils, and organic nutrition. I have learned to appreciate and take care of myself in a completely different way, body, mind, and soul. I have been practicing a holistic, natural lifestyle for 3 years, and since I have adapted these practices, my overall health has improved significantly. I have been nourishing myself each day with natural organic foods, natural supplements including homeopathic remedies, a daily exercise regimen, plenty of water, plenty of rest, my favorite music, and staying true to myself in practicing my spirituality. I also enjoy an exciting new career that nourishes me with complete joy, and I am enjoying loving relationships with family and friends, including a mature and loving friendship with the love of my life.

For most of my life, I suffered with a lactose intolerance, and finally decided when I went into treatment for addiction, that I wanted to make changes that would enhance my recovery and my life. I began seeking alternatives to dairy, and found that although goat cheese/milk is considered dairy, the properties are different than cow’s milk, and for my body, and blood type, it works. I have a history of IBD, and IBS, I am at risk for Celiac Disease, and have other health challenges, and I had learned that gluten exacerbated the symptoms of these diseases, as well as affecting our health overall. Therefore,  I eliminated gluten from my diet as well. In addition, throughout my research, and personal exploration, I have learned that grains and sugar are also toxic to the human body and mind, so I eliminated these irritants from my diet.

When I create my recipes, I use organic, natural, dairy free and gluten free alternatives in all of my cooking and baking. These alternatives are more expensive, but feeling healthy and feeding my body, and my mind the foods that it needs to be whole healthy is my priority to promote optimal health.

Nutrition has proved to be the most important part of my regimen in my recovery. I nourish myself with whole foods and other products that are natural and organic. This ensures that I am being provided products that are non toxic and safe in promoting whole healthiness as part of my holistic health management. Drinking plenty of water every day, about half my weight in ounces, keeps me hydrated. In addition, I have deleted gluten, dairy, sugar, and grains from my diet. These irritants cause additional inflammation to my immune system. I have created a smorgasbord of Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes (Gl-Airy Free) which I share on my website Furthermore, it is imperative to nourish ourselves with healthy relationships, career, exercise, and spirituality. It is the balance of all of these practices that promotes a whole healthy sense of well being.

Following a holistic lifestyle using organic and natural solutions has made me passionate about sharing the information that I have learned. It has led me down an exciting new path filled with possibilities as I begin my career as a Holistic Health Coach/Practitioner. I am eager to share my perspective about wellness so that others will have the opportunity to be empowered to make healthy decisions, and healthy choices about following their own path to a whole healthy lifestyle, in and out of recovery, through natural, organic solutions!

To your good health!

Wendy Blanchard, M.S.