Monthly Archives: April 2014

This is an important and insightful article on how gluten, and dairy can cause what is known as mental illness.  Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD states: “If we accept an inflammatory model of mental illness as having the strongest prospects for guiding preventive medicine interventions and non-toxic, reparative treatment approaches, then we must look at underlying drivers …

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Posted on: April 22, 2014
Categories: Recipes

Monday was my 56th birthday! I enjoyed a beautiful day of  sunshine, warm weather, family, friends, and acquaintances loving birthday wishes.  My daughter, Olivia, visited for Easter and stayed overnight, so I woke up with her on my birthday, which was AWESOME!  My beautiful day ended with a lovely evening with my ex-husband, Alan, and …

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Happy Passover!  I have not been eating sugar, but for Passover, found a “healthy and eas-e” gluten free yellow cake mix….with sugar.  It’s the holidays, so I allow myself to cheat on these special occasions! Gefen is so “eas-e” to prepare with just eggs (organic, of course!) and oil (I used a mixture of hemp, …

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